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Temporary Trade Players

A great way to evaluate a possible trade is to make a temporary trade and run the Calculate function!  Whether you are entering a trade that has been made or you are trying to evaluate a trade before it has been made, use this screen to enter the players involved. You may enter the full name or partial name of up to 10 different players. For each name you enter the next screen will show you all the players whose last name begins with the letters you entered.


Once the names have been entered you will be brought to this screen that shows all the names in the database that match those names.  For each player you wish to trade, check the checkbox and enter the new team's abbreviation.  Once you press Submit the trade is entered as a temporary trade.  From there it can be either finalized or undone in Maintain Trades.


When you're ready to either cancel the trade or make it permanent, use Maintain Trades to either clear the trade or finalize it.