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Welcome to Strat Planner the easiest way to keep track of every player and team in your Strat-O-Matic league! Using Strat Planner you can easily see the overall value that any player can bring to your team. No longer do you have to wonder about how good or bad fielding affects the value of a player. Strat Planner takes fielding into account and shows you which player is best in every position. You will see a depth chart not only on your team but every team in your league.

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At the top of the screen you will see several drop-down list boxes, the top two labeled "Team" and "MLB Park" show the team in your league being displayed on the field displayed below the list boxes.  In Strat-O-Matic Baseball each field is rated on difficulty for lefties and righties to get singles and home runs so it's important to rate your team on the correct ballpark.  When you change the Team, the Ballpark also changes to the ballpark you associated with the team in the "Teams" menu item.

The drop-down list boxes labeled "Batting" and "Fielding" control the rating system for the session in Strat Planner.  Batting has choices of OPS (On base Plus Slugging), RP/G (Runs Produced per Game) and RC/G (Runs Created per Game).  Fielding has choices of On or Off.  If fielding is On, each player's rating is reduced by the expected errors and inability to reach some balls hit in his direction.  Ever hear an announcer say, "since a double play can't be assumed, no error is charged" or "only one run is unearned"?  Same in these ratings, double plays are not part of the fielding calculation.

Each year Strat-O-Matic rates the difficulty for lefties and righties to get singles and home runs.  Strat Planner keeps track of these ratings for you.  Simply choose the MLB Park and the rating pops up automatically.  If you change one of the ratings the system recalculates the ratings on each player based on the new rating.  Changing ratings can be a good strategy if you're trying to rate your team over the season.  Do this by calculating the average BP ratings based on which ballparks you visit and the number of games played in each park.

You can lock the BP ratings and MLB Park by checking this box.  When you change teams, the BP rating will not change.

Click on one of these header items and the display will be sorted on that category for players at all positions.  AB is "at bats", vsL is "versus lefty", vsR is "versus righty" and comb is the combined rating for lefties and righties using the preferences you defined for average righties and lefties faced in your Profile.