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Find the hidden gems in the Strat-O-Matic player set.  Locate the lefty or righty killer whose salary is a steal!  Be warned of the high price tag player that can't hit lefties.  Strat-O-Matic is a strategy game that pits the performance based on lefty/righty stats.  If you base your team only on overall stats, you'll fall short every time.

Traditional stats don't tell the full story.  That's why schemes such as Runs Created /Game (RC/G) were created.  Strat Planner calculates each players card using three systems, OPS, RC/G and RP/G.  Each card is calculated vs left, right and combined.


Who are the high priced LF players that'll rob salary from you but can't play well both ways?



Or the LF gem who barely makes a living (by MLB standards!) but kills righty pitchers.


Have you ever wondered why lefty pitchers have a difficult time in Strat?  There are no ego's to worry about in this game, the stars sit while low priced players shine.  Easily and quickly find those hidden gems!

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Along with all the great ratings and statistical information, pages show the salary and injury information for Strat-O-Matic online baseball.


See any team roster and salary breakdowns by pitchers and batters.

Other standard features can be of special interest to online players.
Prepare for your next opponent by selecting their likely starters...


and the system tells you who your best matchups are.