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Name:  Type your name, moniker, handle or whatever you want to be called.

Username:  This is your username which you will use for logging on the system.

My Team:  This will be the team brought up automatically by the system when you login. The list of teams is controlled by the list of teams found under the Teams menu on the main page. Choose the button also labeled Teams under the Teams menu. When your account is first created there may be a team labeled "Your Team" in this list, it's intended that you change it's name to your team.

New Password:  This is the password which you used to sign on to the system. To change this password first check the box near "Type New Password" and both the new password fields will become enabled. Type your new password in both boxes.

Default Batting Formula:  When you first sign on to the system, the players will be rated based on the formula you choose here. Your choices are OPS (on-base plus slugging), RP/G (runs produced per game), RC/G (runs created per game).

Adjust for Fielding:  When you first to sign onto this system, the ratings displayed for the players can either be adjusted to show any detrimental effect that they're fielding rating has upon the overall production of that player, or unadjusted showing only their offensive capability. The affect of the player's fielding is calculated in whichever rating system is currently being displayed.

Games Per Season:  When you calculate the strength of the team some players are able to play nearly every game where other players are only able to play a restricted number of games due to their AB rating. The system needs to know the number of games your teams play as well as other settings to ensure that the position is adequately fielded throughout the season.

Maximum players used in power calculation:  Use this number to control whether only the major-league roster is used, or both the major-league roster as well as the minor league roster are used, or any other number of players you choose are used in calculating the team's strength.