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Game Day - Lineup Planner

Reach Game Day through the Teams menu.

Game Day provides help based on your opponent.  Game Day Depth Chart provides a more detailed overview of how an opponents pitcher affects your team and players.  Specifically you'll see the expected batting average, on base average and slugging average along with home run rate, double play and more

When you first enter the Game Day Lineup Planner page you won't see players listed, instead a blank page because no pitcher has yet been chosen.  You'll see which team will have a lineup generated, which park is used, and the rating system in use.  Defense is ignored for the pitcher
Next, begin entering one or several letters in the pitcher's name.  You'll see the system begin to work.
(picture from game day depth chart)



Within a second or so the system returns a list of teams in your league.  Important: Select a pitcher by double-clicking his name or clicking on it once and pressing to Go button.
(picture from game day depth chart)

The resulting table gives you detailed information on the batting performance of each player on the team based on the pitcher being faced.  The values to the left of and including noFld are not affected by fielding, the values to the right are affected by fielding and are represented in the rating system chosen on the main page, or in your profile.

You can easily find the best player in each category from the border and/or font color used on the value.

After 8 or 9 players have been chosen the "Suggest Batting Order" button will appear, as will edit boxes to the left of each players name.


Upon pressing the "Suggest Batting Order" button you will see the most productive batting orders based upon formulas using OBP and SLG found and published at Beyond the Boxscore.


The lineups generated by this formula won't be traditional but can be easily checked using the Evaluate function of the Update Default Lineup menu within the Strat-O-Matic CD game.  You may not see a difference between lineups that are rated closely.

You may wish to force certain players to hit in a certain spot in the lineup.  You can do this by entering that lineup position in the boxes next to the players name before pressing the Suggest Batting Order button.