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Batter's League Characteristics


Multiply batters season at bats totals by:  Similar to the Adjust League Stats option found in the Strat-O-Matic game under the league menu except this applies only to batters. A similar option for pitchers exists in the General Pitcher Options. This number is used in the Calculate function.

Batters face lefties:  Average AB versus LHP that your players encounter during an entire season. This number is used in the calculate function. Reasonable estimates will be close to or within the range of 30 to 35% however you may wish to examine past results to determine the correct number for your league.

Unlimited AB when: When a batter reaches a certain number of AB, some leagues allow that player to appear in any number of games without restriction on their AB.  If your league has such an option then check the box for "Unlimited AB when" and enter the real life number of AB needed to reach the threshold. This number is not affected by the option to multiply batters season AB totals and is used in the calculate function.

AB Minimum per Position:  The number entered here is used in the calculate function.  If your league requires a certain number of AB at each position or if you wish to use a number other than a system calculated default, check this option and enter your number.

Use DH:  Checking this option allows the system to include a designated hitter in the power calculations.

Default Settings:  Pressing this button sets all the entries with the default settings.  You must press submit before the settings are recorded.